Shove that to do list

The week-end cometh. Shove your weekly to do list in a drawer and make a Take a Break List that includes some of the Twelve Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises.

Failed to do list.

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EMOtional Fitness Tip of the Day

Don’t apologize for what you don’t get done.  Celebrate what you have done by taking a break and adding me-time, family and friend time, thinking about what matters time, quiet time, and Be With Beauty time to your Weekend Must Do List.


Breaks from to do lists, breaks from what you must do, even something as small as getting out of your chair and stretching, keeps you emotionally strong, what is meant by Emotional Fitness or Emotional Intelligence.

Be With Beauty Breaks can be completed in a minute or less.  If you haven’t learned that Easy Emotional Fitness Exercise read this and learn how. 

Sharing and caring also keeps you strong.  Thank you for all you do to make our world better, you make a difference.


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