DO YOU TAKE MEDICATION AS DIRECTED.? Half of us don’t.  I am generally very good when it comes to following doctor’s orders and I assure you I forget every once in a while.  Mostly it means I take my pills an hour or two later then I should.  Or have a bit of wine.  I am not alone, nor are you.   Here is an article about the importance of taking PsychMeds as prescribed.

I Hate Psych Meds but Medication Non-Compliance Kills | Bipolar Burble | Natasha Tracy | Writer.

Thank you George Hubba at for pointing me to the above article.

I also  worry about non-compliance with the over the counter medication Tylenol and any other acetaminophen based pain killers–Excedrin is another.  Once thought to be as safe as aspirin–which is not without its own problems, Tylenol and it’s like attacks the liver.

I learned as a crisis team manager that as few as 7 Tylenol pills taken in a suicide gesture might not kill immediately, but could very well damage the liver beyond healing. That meant any teenagers suspected of taking pills in a suicide attent had to go the Psych ER immediately whether teen or parent agreed.

A recent report about Tylenol talked about the accumulative effect.  Here is a quote; “Despite universal acceptance, references have been reported of potential liver and kidney toxicity. These warning reports should alert all users of Tylenol, particularly those who chronically use maximum doses of the drug, to these serious risk factors. Fortunately, patient awareness and routine liver and kidney profile testing will discover any organ abnormality.

I am on blood thinners and I am allergic to codeine based pain medications and I do have the usual aches and pains associated with aging.  I am also fortunate in that I do seem to have a relatively high pain tolerance–no medication having my sons.  I am also what is called hypnotically talented–can use self hypnotism to combat pain with some degree of effectiveness.   Still there are nights when sleep would be impossible without two extra-strength Tylenol.  I try not to make that a nightly habit.

I am a Cranky Old Lady and  far down life’s slope.  I am  more worried about my young friends then myself when it comes to understanding the need to be an educated consumer before popping any pills.

Life is beautiful, heed medication directions, share, care and stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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