No longer Normal or Not.  Now posting on Not so Normal--various common disorders as described by the DSM.  If you have not read the Normal or Not Series, best start with them by clicking here.

The Not so Normal  posts will be taken from the Normal and Pathological Aspects of Adolescence, I taught for many years.  I am also posting similar material, taken from a training  I developed with the help of some dediccated parent advocates for parents who had been charged with child abuse and had to take a parent training course.   That course was called Caring for Challenging Children

In honor of my recent Cranky Old Lady post about safe drinking rules, my first Not So Normal series will deal with substance abuse.  Click here for the material from the CUSSW course.  Click here for the material from the Parent Education Course

A REMINDER: Don’t practice medicine without a license.  No one should be diagnosing themselves or someone close to them.  My  Shrink’s Think posts are designed as refresher reading for former students or others practicing therapy, and also for the general public as educated consumers get the best service from mental health practitioners.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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