No longer Normal or Not.  Now posting on Not so Normal--various common disorders as described by the DSM.  If you have not read the Normal or Not Series, best start with them by clicking here.

The Not so Normal  posts will be taken from the Normal and Pathological Aspects of Adolescence, I taught for many years.  This post deals with depression or one of many Mood Disorders.   Once upon a time the DSM had a diagnosis called “Reactive depression.”  Thought it a very good description of someone dealing with a life blow.  Particularly a major loss.

Before moving on to the material more formal material.  Here is a very interesting post about dealing with one of life’s most traumatic events–dealing with the loss of a child.  A strong reminder to keep culture in mind when applying any label to anyone’s behavior.  Click here to view that post and thank you Mind Hack for that one.

Click here  to read my CUSSW lecture notes called The Moody Blues

Remember all experts are not all wise, don’t know all the answers, often only see part of the elephant in the room.

Read, question, grow.

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