A Normal or Not Two Laughs.

The first a cartoon:


THE NEXT might take a little explaining for some.  The Shrink’s Sacred Text is the Diagonistic and Statistical Manuel  of Mental Disorders.  All serious emotional challenges are listed therein and it is being constantly revised.  Here is one anonymous person’s take on a diagnosis of Normal.  Victor Frankel said behaving normally in an abnormal situation was abnormal. This person’s take is that in today’s world being normal is so rare as to be abnormal.   Enjoy:

Diagnostic criteria for NPD: Normal Person Disorder

A chronic feeling of normalness.

  1. A tendency to bore others easily.
  2. A nagging sense of constantly meeting one’s goal.
  3. Lack of difficulty getting organized.
  4. Inability to be humorous.
  5. Knowing how to count without forgetting what number you are up to.
  6. An inability to be creative and intuitive, no seat of pants to fly by.
  7. Highly stimulated by lectures, speeches, dead cockroaches and other normals.
  8. An unbroken remote control.
  9. A To-Do list which gets done.
  10. A chronic interest in each or any of the following for more than a week:
  1. Job
  2. Relationship
  3. Schedule
  4. Patience
  5. Passing Grades
  6. Sex
  7. Meeting other normals
  • A methodical nature.
  • Affectionately known as “Bump on a log” or “Geek” or “Nytol Substitute”

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