Normal or Not, Part II: Mental Status Examination

This is part of a series called Normal or Not  If you have not read Part I, click here and read this first.  I taught various graduate level Human Development Courses for many years at Columbia University’s School of Social Work.  I was one of the first social workers allowed to teach one of those courses; for years they had been taught  only  by psychiatrists. I  always gave my students extensive Lecture Notes.  Those lectures notes are part of part of my narcissistic need to share my “intellectual” property.  I spent lots of years learning;  I hope what  I give back is valuable to someone and my need to share is  healthy narcissism.

These posts are useful reviews for therapists and good information for anyone working with therapists, but I mainly am now sharing them for the general public.   I think the best users of such services are educated consumers. Knowledge is power.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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