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Signing that is.  Every year, I grow a bit deafer. One ear down and the other on its way to total silence ; moreover,  my hearing aid no longer helps a great deal.

Truth meeting truth


Why a truth cartoon when the topic is deafness?  Why not? Truth is often a matter of what you hear or see and growing deafness means I hear little of what truths others send my way.

Becoming deaf also means I read more. The more I read, the more I realize truth  is strongly biased by the curse of personal knowledge.  We believe we know the truth, but we only know the truths we learn from our instincts, our personal experiences, what the important people in our lives tell us, and what seems reasonable when tested against our strongly held beliefs.


Tip one: Realize your version of the truth is only your version. For example when dealing with a deaf person,  most people just raise the volume. Rarely helpful.  As this poster shows, when a person is deaf or near deaf they will need you to look at them directly, speak clearly,  and slower than normally. Even that might not work, but it is what helps me.

Rules for speaking to the hard of hearing.


This post was inspired by this Word Press Daily Post Prompt: Take That, Rosetta! If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? Sign language of course, but it wouldn’t be enough for those I wanted to speak to have to be able to sign. Many day care centers and preschools teach sign language.  My wish would be that all would learn to sign and that it became the major second language taught to all.

Everyone has one struggle or another.  Let that fact make you work harder to remember what matters and to practice kindness.  Doing so keeps you strong.

As always, thank you for your caring and sharing.

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