Silence Is Not Always Golden

Quote about victimization and silence. Eckhart Tolle

Make speaking out golden with these Emotional Fitness Training Tips

Tip one: Think about what matters. Are you complaining or dealing with a major wrong? Are you over-reacting?

Tip two: Think three strikes before  saying something. Find at least three instances of the wrong you feel compelled to speak out about.

Tip three: Pick the right time to speak out. Why the sages of the ages and your mother have always advised counting to ten before mouthing off.

Tip four: Think about the right way to speak out.  Almost always a good idea with personal issues to make a date for the purpose of “talking over a concern.” With all personal concerns, always speak privately. When a very touchy issue between you and another, consider a letter containing a request to make a date to talk more about the issue.

For political or other issues, letters to the leaders help and the social media remains a way to speak.

Tip five: Think about how to say what your mean without getting mean. 

Tip six: Keep emotion partnering with thought. To help do that: buy my eBook Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises to learn all EFT’s Daily Twelve Exercises. It costs less than a latte and is better for you health.

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