As you move into the New Year stay focused on what matters. Hypnotize yourself to resist the trivial, the all that glitters, but is not spiritual gold.

#emotionalintelligence building blog post.Remembering what matters

Throughout all religions and  philosophies it is believed the good life cannot be found unless it involves being caring and just.  That is what matters.

However, the world is full of salesmen selling something.  These try to hypnotize us into believing  owning the newest car, the latest fashions, the most up to date gadgets; others say how you look or believing as they believe matter most.

Too often such sales spiels are no more than banal narcissism. Sales and ad people all sell something to add to the cash in their wallets.  Some selll good stuff; some just sell.  Many sell beliefs – self-help gurus as well as preachers and teachers are also making sales pitches.

What to do? Learn a few facts about  hypnotism, how it is used to influence you, and how to moderate its power.  Knowledge is power. The more easily you can spot someone trying to use hypnotism to persuade you of something the more you empower yourself.

Tip one: Know what is meant by hypnosis. Definition of hypnosis: Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. Such states are called trances.

Tip two: Understand trance state. Trance states are any mind-set that takes you away from this world.

Tip three. Trances can be  voluntary or entered into without our conscious agreement. Reading a book so that we close out the world around us is entering a voluntary trance state.  Driving a car over a familiar route while into the thoughts in our head is voluntary if we are aware it will happen and allow it to happen.  Giving into a sales spiel  so we buy something we regret buying  and wonder why we did, means we have been lead into a trance state with our consent, but also probably without being aware that we are being entranced.

Boredom, fear, uncertainty, self-doubt, and confusion often lead to trance states. When experiencing the above we often  day-dream or wish for a different future. Both are trance states.

Tip four: Know that when anyone says “Imagine this” or “Close your eyes” they are inviting you into a trance state.   

Tip five: Learn lots of other ways salesmen and others use hypnotic tools to sell you by putting these words into your search engine  “Hypnotic sales techniques.”

You will see all the following suggestions and more.  Using vivid images and emotion inducing music; and the repetition of short slogans: “Just Do It” for one.  Product placement in movies or tv shows. Images of sexy people or  yummy food images. Sporting events or political protests that use crowd chants. Emotionally laden music – such as marches or romantic or nostalgic songs. Creating personal dissatisfaction by images of perfection – beautiful female or muscular male models selling almost anything.  Creating dis-satisfaction with who you are or your current life while offering a better future. Asking you about your dreams for the future. When people talk about their dreams, they are going into an imaginary future world. They are leaving the mundane here-and-now and are entering a hypnotic state.

Tip six:  Be alert to potential dangers of all  trance states.  Remind yourself to stay aware of what matters and that is always being kind and caring.


Tip one: Because parents are charged with persuading children to behave, parents use hypnotic tools.  Take comfort in the fact that persuading children to do what they do not really want to do is so hard. Proof we cannot be hypnotized so easily. Feel free to use many of the techniques suggested about, just be aware you are using them.

Tip two: The most potent hypnotic tool parents use is what is called a hypnotic bind.  That means you are appearing to offer choice.  Parents have used these for generations: “Would you rather have your bath after dinner or before you put your pajamas on?”  “Do you want carrots or peas as your vegetable?” “Do you want to do your homework by yourself, or do you want me to stay in the room with you?”  “Do you want to walk the dog before or after dinner?” 

Tip three: Teach the facts about trance and hypnosis as your children grow.  When you teach self-soothing skills, label them as trances or going into your mind to feel better.  Use the media to teach the ways salesmen try to persuade us to buy things.


One way I  practice kindness  is by sharing free downloads of  most of EFTI’s  poster coaches  at the EFTIstore. A poster coach is like a face-to-face coach; all serve as practice reminders, some are quotes about what matters, some teach you the exercises needed to stay strong.

You  practice Internet kindness every time you like, comment or share someones’ post. I feel good when I support my internet friends. Even small kinesses strengthen you.


I work at it every day and still have moments of weakness and regret, but manage most of the time to enjoy what can be enjoyed, act wisely, forgive myself and others, and practice kindness.

Thank you and work at staying strong until next time,. I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult but staying strong lets me find the good.



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