Six Tips For Using Humor Wisely

Laughing is a great way to deal with all that is bad in life. If you can laugh, life hasn’t beaten you down. The problem lies in  using humor as a put down.

Qoutes about humor


Here are two posts from Facebook that used humor to attack Ben Carson. And by the way I am not voting for him or at least not now. I need to know his opponent and much more about where he stands on issues important to me.

Here’s the first post: 12226965_903343679721566_8918880339667685464_n

And here is the second:


I laughed at the attack on the media, didn’t at the one on Carter.  My friend that posted that  obviously thought it funny.

The first uses argumentum ad hominem – the evasion of the actual topic by directing an attack at your opponent.

Both are guilty of the critical thinking error of over generalizing.

Both alao use humor to attack.

And yes, it is tricky. Political humor has a long history of nastiness and if you are going to run for politics where freedom of speech is cherished, you are opting for that kind of abuse. Regimes that do not allow dissent in the form of humor most often want to cotnroll anything that might get people thinking.

I am mostly concerned about more personal attacks.  How do you use humor? Are you sarcastic? Belittling? Ridiculing? Do you cover anger by saying, “Just teasing” or “Where’s your sense of humor?”  These tips are for you:

Emotional Fitness Training Tips

Tip One: When telling a joke, use the Golden Rule as your guide. Don’t make a joke about someone else you would not like made about you.

Tip Two: The broader the group you are aiming at the safer the joke. Still expect some to be offended when you talk about two Irish guys at a bar or any other national group. Better to say Two Dogs Talking At a Bar. The dogs won’t mind. 

Tip Three:  Tell self-deprecating jokes about yourself. It is one of the higher forms of humor.

Tip Four: Try laughing Yoga which is laughing at laughing.

Tip Five: Improve your critical thinking skills by dissecting the reason you laugh at a joke.

Tip Six: If you cannot refrain from hurting others with sarcasm, ridicule, put-down jokes, clean up your act. Anger management might help, so might therapy. Then there is always chopping wood.


Kindness improves emotional fitness and your odds of staying health. You can practice kindness right now by liking, commenting, or sharing this post.

Thank you and work at staying strong until next time.  I work on doing that all the time.


PS. Parenting Tips

Tip One:  Worry not during the early years. Kids love to laugh and go through different stages in terms of what they think is funny. When the poop, do-do jokes start appearing around the age of three, four, or five, do not worry, but discuss manners and how others might not join the laughter.

Tip Two Use nasty jokes as teachable moments.

Tip Three: Have a  regular Family Laugh Fest.  This can be as simple as practicing Laughing Yoga at the end of dinner once a week or telling a joke before being excused from the dinner table. Help you kids participate by making sure there are lots of cartoons or easy to read joke books available here and there around the house.


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    • Yoga laughing is taught by many Yoga teachers and just involves laughing, usually in a group. I use it at workshops. One of my parent advocates had a particularly contagious laugh, so I always had her start us off and soon everyone was laughing, just at for the joy and healthy benefits of laughing.

  1. Doing a humor cartoon blog I try to follow rule # 6. I do not do political or social commentary cartoons although I am good at satire and scathing ridicule of hypocrisy in morality and politics. But even in general wholesome cartoons in good taste draw criticisms now and then Two people stopped following because any reference to Halloween is anti Christian devil worship in their opinion. I suppose you learn to ignore wingnuts . I have dozens of cartoons I’ve discarded and never published. They were very good but might be offensive to a somewhat larger segment of followers so I don’t go there.

    • Hi PI,

      Glad you found an unintentional laugh. I will correct it. I have dysgraphia and make lots of mistakes which costs me readers. I prefer those who point them out so I can correct them, so thank you.

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