How To Slog On After A Fall – Six Tips

Getting up after a fall quotes

The ability to get up and go on comes easiest to toddlers; nature’s way of assuring they learn to walk. Fall become more painful as we grow, the older we get the harder it is to get up and go on. Still slogging on is best.

Falls are life threatening to me as I am on blood thinners. I try hard to avoid falling, but still trip up and land face or bottom down upon occasion.  Usually, nothing more than with a bruise to show and another  lesson to learn.

And yes, I am grateful I have only been carted to the ER  once in ten years because of a fall. Also grateful that the EMS guys were so handsome and attentive.  As my mother used to say, “Small things matter.”

Emotional Fitness Tips

Tip one: Prevention is best. 

Tip two: Know when medical care is needed. Get it.

Tip three: Look for the lessons.

Tip four: Be grateful it wasn’t worse.

Tip five:  Beef up your self-soothing skills. For more help strengthening these skills buy Self-Soothing, How to Create Calmness in Your Life. It costs less than a latte and does more good.

Tip six: Remember what matters: Practice kindness all the ways you can. 

Thank you for all you do

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