Harmonic distortion

TOPIC NUMBER 63  The photo challenge of the week is distortion.  So didn’t have something to post until today.  Punky the Pup ate half of my hearing aid.  So does no sound count as distortion?  And I can’t even say no sound because there is the constant buzzing in my totally deaf right ear and  how I wish the buzzing could be turned off. Life if full of small, pesky annoyances.

How did Punky get to the hearing aid?  Well, it goes in a bedside stand drawer those nights I realize I did not take it off and put it in the little case in the bathroom.  And last night was one of those nights.  I know I put it there.  I also know I didn’t shut the drawer all the way.  Who knew the Punk had an ear wax addiction and I thought it was love of me.  The molded part that fits in my ear is half chewed off.  If it cannot be fixed, puppy has just become a very expensive addition to the family.  Sigh.

Staying strong tip.  Don’t grow old doesn’t work.  Life is too good.  So I guess it is when you brush your few remaining teeth, make sure you put you hearing aid where puppies can’t get at it.

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