Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Khalil Gibran

We are part of a learning cycle and many have moved us forward. This man inspired me and his quotes still inspire.

Life and some quotes of Khalil Givron


Self-awareness is part of Emotional Intelligence. Do you know the heroes that have most directed your life? What drew you to them? Which  values they embody  do you espouse today?

Khalil Gabran’s writing inspired me as a young adult, I also just discovered that he also inspired Elvis Presley. I am in good company.

He died of tuberculosis and cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 48. He never married.

He  is buried in Lebanon as was his wish and  his grave is marked with these words “: I am alive like you, and I am standing beside you. Close your eyes and look around, you will see me in front of you.”

Now, that I know his  story I am even more inspired. You can read more about him on wikepedia.


Children model their heroes. Parents can guide their child’s choice of hero.  As always look for those who work to make the world a better place. .


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Not related to this  WordPress’s Daily Post: Ah, sweet youth. No matter whether you grew up sporting a fedora, penny loafers, poodle skirts, bell-bottoms, leg-warmers, skinny jeans, Madonna-inspired net shirts and rosaries, goth garb, a spikey mohawk, or even a wave that would put the Bieber to shame, you made a fashion statement, unique to you. Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.

I have always been mainly a blue jeans girl, with an eye to hippy type tops. Little make up, little jewelry. Did have my ears pierced. Thinking I might go there again from my 80th birthday.


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