Staying Strong Tip

The weekend is a good time to add a little exercise to your life.  Here’s a twist on the usual.  Thank you, FB friends Russie Wight-Waltman, and the Veterans-Peace-Initiative  for this one.

Tai Chi Body Bouncing & Shaking.

Today, I am hobbling and not sure why.  Only thing I did that was different was walk home from a doctor’s appointment–about two miles with a break at the library.  Right knee feels like caught in a red-hot  pincher; left hip feels like someone poured molten lead in it.  So it goes on the Down Hill Slope.  Also seem to have left my cell phone at the library, so am going to hobble over there to attend a workshop on writing memoirs.  David has the car.  After the workshop will go to the swimming pool and hot tub.  Trying to stay strong.  Takes effort.

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