This post starts a series explaining each of my Daily Dozen Emotional Fitness Exercises  in more detail.   First, however,  I want to comment about how to get the most from any Emotional Fitness Exercise.

My regular posts of  the Be With Beauty  Exercise,   tell you to breathe in, hold, focus, breathe out, say “Ahhhh” and/or “Thank You.”    When I do that, I am walking you through the short version of a Calming Breath.   The longer version is what I call the One Minute Meditation.   Many people don’t take advantage of mediation as it seems to call for spending a great deal of time practicing.  The OMM can be down in a minute or extended for several minutes.  It begins with a Calming Breath.

How to Take a  Calming Breath:

  1. Take a slow breath in.
  2. As you are breathing in, tighten all your muscles from your toes to your head.
  3. Hold your breath and the tightness until you feel some pressure to breathe out.  Then:
  4. Slowly breathe out and starting at with your head, relax each muscle group .
  5. End tby saying Ahhhhh and gently smiling.

When  you have fully mastered taking a Calming Breath,  it is sufficient to imagine tighten your muscles.

Strengthen the power of a calming breath by:

Thinking of a safe place: Create one from your good memories.  Be patient, it will takes time to put together a strong safe place. Include sights, smells, sounds, people who calm you, pets.  Add movement. Some people can see their safe place. Others do better describing it in words.  Some have a calming picture they post where they see it frequently and in time can imagine that place clearly as they are taking a calming breathe.

Calming  your self talk: The things we say to our selves inside our heads hinder or help all our efforts to focus.  Re;place “Ahhhh”  or  “Thank you”  with  a personal slogan that calms you and  focuses you.

Practice is key: You would not run a marathon without building up to it.  Same with using this tool or any Emotional Fitness Too,  it needs to be strengthened first, so the first step is to practice Calming Breath when you are already relaxed.     Try to find at least three such times throughout the day.    Most find the  one of the best time is before falling asleep.

After a week or more of practice, keep practicing during calmer moments, but  also try taking a Calming Breath throughout the day during times of minimal stress.  Soon you will find practicing easy and automatic, and as an added bonus it will help you stay calmer no matter what is happening.

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Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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