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The research makes it abundantly clear, being grateful improves your emotional fitness.  This article talks not just about gratitude, but also about being grateful for what you or others have been spared.   Many people who practice gratitude have a keen awareness.The title is a bit mis-leading.

The George Bailey effect: Don’t count your blessings | Wray Herbert.

Being grateful does not mean being in denial.  Being cheerful when all around you are in pain is an example of denial that hurts others and that is not a good way to stay strong.   Being hopeful that the pain will pass acknowledges the pain and adds strength; acceptance and acknowledgement of what is, even if it is pain, lays a strong foundation for both gratitude and hope.

I am eternally grateful to my sometimes emotionally abusive mother, for she taught me gratitude. love of nature’s beauty, acceptance of what is, and hope.  She insisted almost daily,  that we look to see if the day was ending with a  beautiful sunset.  When it wasn’t she always offered hope–maybe tomorrow’s sunset would be better.

Many Emotional Fitness Exercises can be down simultaneously.  Practicing Gratitude can be part of Practicing Kindness or remembering what is most important.  Being with Beauty leads to practicing kindness.

As you practice gratitude this day, also plan how you will practice kindness during the coming holiday season.   I am planning to give both my sons a Kiva Loan.   I also plan to give  Max one and help him follow the progress of his loan and pick another recipient when that loan  gets repaid.  He is old enough now to think about giving to those in greater need.   Children need to be taught to stay strong emotionally and to practice  kindness just as surely as they need to be taught healthy eating habits.  Giving to him and helping him track his loan will be a way I can have fun with him and practice kindness at the same time.

Staying strong can be fun.

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