Who bullies you? Who do you bully?

The urge to out power another seems part of humanity’s DNA.  This means we all bully or are bullied, hopefully not abusively.  This advice meant for parents and children, but much of it works for all power struggles and that is what bullying is all about.

Top Strategies for Handling a Bully.

I wish this also contained advice for bullies.  Maybe you have some ideas about how you keep yourself in line when it comes to wanting to control or out power another.   The worse power struggles are what I call Gotcha Wars.  I learned about these during my years as a foster parent.  I recently started a Wikihow on How to Win a Gotcha War.   Others have added to it and made it better.

Basically the first step is realizing you are in a Gotcha War.  Doesn’t matter who is trying to bully who in such wars, they go no where and often destroy relationships.  The second step is strategic retreat, which essentially means not engaging in the war.  Such efforts might even include apologizing.   Read both the article and the Wikihow.  You might find bullying or being bullied fades from your life.  Keep caring and stay strong.

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