MOVE YOUR BODY  is  a major Staying Strong Exercise.   Here is some advice about how to do it best: short bursts of high activity outside.

Move Like a Hunter-Gatherer, Live Longer.

I am planning to get a tricycle for grown-ups as I miss biking and my balance isn’t good enough for a regular bike.  Have almost saved all the dollars needed so hope to be ordering one soon. It is flat enough in most areas around where we live in Highlands Ranch so  I can tool around, build strength and feel like a kid again.   Am torn between the one in the picture posted on the left which is bigger than I want.  I am also thinking of a smaller low rider as pictured on the lest.  I prefer the low rider as it is smaller  but it is only one speed, doesn’t free wheel and doesn’t fold.  The larger bike folds and has three speeds.  Decisions, decisions.  Help.   Any of you in the know about adult tricycles feel free to help me decide.  Zach and Max will be visiting in July and I want to tool around with Mr. Max.  Sharing is caring.


  1. I have one similar to the one the top of the page and love it. I can’t ride a regular bike either so this came in really handy when I decieded it was time to kick up the exercise.

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