Staying Strong Tip


One of the wonderful things about caring for a happy baby, is sharing laughter.   Baby Ben laughs with delight at the smallest things and his laughter is contagious.  Moreover, if you laugh, he joins right in.  Sitcoms use laughter tracks because hearing another laugh inspires your laughter. As this article points out, laughter strengthens–as long as it isn’t nasty laughter.

Body of Evidence: Laughing Stock | Psychology Today.

Norman Cousins overcame a mysterious illness by watching funny videos.  YouTube provides endless opportunities to revisit the comedians that made you laugh.  For those of you not of my generation, Buddy Hackett provides lots of raunchy laughs–some find him offensive, but as he says it he is just joking.  One of the values of jokes is that they help us maintain perspective.  Like most good comedians Buddy often  makes fun of himself, but not always.  Here is a joke that takes a few pokes at people who take jokes literally, conservationists and city slickers. Warning it does involve a bit of violence men might not find so funny and is for adults. It is the Duck Joke.

Sharing laughter is an act of kindness and that is also an Emotional Fitness Exercise.  What is your favorite funny YouTube comedic clip?

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