Staying Strong Tip


In keeping with my earlier blog post about the importance of laughter here is a list of what some consider the Top 25 Comedies of All Time.  Disappointed that Something About Mary is not on the list–a bit to raucncy for some, but nevertheless one of my all time favorites.  Here are ten on the list that  I haven’t seen, but will now look for at the library.  Part of David’s cure has been watching comedies.

She’s Out of My League, Date Night, Hot Tub Time Machine, 500 Days of Summer, Life as We Know It, How to Train Your Dragon, Get Him to the Greek, Rushmore, Grownups,  The Princess Bride.

Didn’t realize The Princess Bride was a comedy.  Anyway is a link to all 25.

Top 25 Comedies of All-Time – Movies Feature at IGN.

Stay strong, laugh as often as you can.

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