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Political Correctiness challenged

I was once called before my boss for saying an issue was not “Black or White.”  I was an adjunct professor at an Ivy League School of Social Work that prided itself on supporting minority students. I was proud to work there. And yes, my using the Black and White analogy was not politically correct.

Ironic now that I think of it and political correctness has been taken too far.  Even then, the offended student was being as prejudiced as she thought I was being.

Now the “Politically correct” have gone even further. They want to tear down history, treat people from the past as if they lived today.  Yes, George Washington owned slaves and Robert E. Lee fought for the confederacy.  But that was then and as enlightened as these two were, they were products of their time and culture.

Now, the  people who currently broker for understanding why young men from certain neighborhoods rob or kill their neighbors, loot during protests, and murder police trying to keep others safe, are not extending the same understanding to those from other times.

The past is for learning lessons, not eradicating history.

One lesson that needs to be learned is that all people from all cultures have done things we now find unforgivable. Think about this:

  1. All people when times got hard enough ate their pets.
  2. Most and probably all groups of people practiced animal and human sacrifice for any number of reasons
  3. Most and probably all groups killed living and unwanted children.
  4. Most and probably all groups burned, beheaded, or tortured other groups.
  5. Most and probably all groups took advantage of their weaker citizens and neighbors.
  6. Most and probably all groups seek revenge for current and past hurts.

Criminal behavior that kills, maims, destroys or steals other people’s property is criminal behavior however, the criminal and the politically correct excuse or justify. I am against the death penalty, I am for fair treatment of those who commit crimes, I am all for rehabilitation. I am also for strict enforcement of the laws and appropriate punishment for criminals.

Emotional Fitness Tips

Tip one: Remember this: revenge,never works and will not bring peace on earth. Destroying history is seeking revenge.

Tip two: Nursing the hurts of history to your group, race, or religion inflicts additional hurts.   Rabbi Jonathan Sacks has two things to  say about victimhood. 

One: The flight from responsibility into victimhood is the oldest of all human temptations… But it is negative, destructive, it robs us of trust in the world, it leads us to see fate as a conspiracy directed against us. It leads us to the impotence of anger and the anger of impotence. The best way of curing a victim is to help him cease to think of himself as a victim

Two: Victims want the world to change, forgetting that it may be they who have to change.

Tip three: Take pride in the progress of humanity, the human race has progressed in efforts to practice kindness.

Tip four: Do not let the fear of offending someone keep you silent on the issues that matter.

Tip five: When you do speak up, remember the adage “Say what you mean, but do not say it mean.”


Tip six: Beef up your self-soothing skills.  The more you build calmness into your life,  the more you can escape the trap of victimhood.   For more help strengthening these skills buy Self-Soothing, How to Create Calmness in Your Life. It costs less than a latte and does more good.

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