CAN YOU DEAL WITH FAILURE?  This is the story of a man whose boss turned him away from the Nobel Prize.  His idea  about the role of bacteria in creating ulcers was years ahead of its time.  That was in 1937.  At the time, the major thought stress created  ulcers  The picture changed years later; in 2005,  two Australian doctors one the Nobel Prize on Freedberg’s ground breaking hypothesis.  They won the prize and did graciously give Freedberg a nod of thanks,but in my mind it should have been a shared prize and I would have been awash with bitterness.

Freedberg didn’t give into bitterness, but kept on doing good and that is the ultimate path to a good life.

The Lives They Lived – A. Stone Freedberg – Knowing When Your Time Has Come –

Life is full of small and larger failures and injustices.  Timing and luck count; so does effort.  The greatest buffer against the winds of fortune remains doing what every one can do.  You don’t need luck, fame or fortune to keep working to make the world better.   A little kindness goes a long way, particularly when you are dealing with failure.  Kindness to yourself by remembering luck is part of the game, kindness to others because that really is the surest path to being a success at what really matters.   Stay strong.

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