Story of strength

“War, want and concentration camps, exile from home and homeland, these have made me hate strife among men, but they have not made me lose faith in the future of mankind. … If man has been able to create the arts, the sciences and the material civilization we know in America, why should he be judged powerless to create justice, fraternity and peace?”

Vladislav Krzysztofowicz aka Ladis Kristof, Columnist Nichol Kristof’s father

This man lived through a hell that would kill most.  He kept going and most importantly with many excuses for hating, he stayed turned toward the light.  He kept caring and trying to make the world better. Here is his son’s  Father’s Day tribute.

Part of staying strong is remembering we all have a mission: to make the world caring and just for all.  The more we remember that  mission, the better the world, and the stronger we become.

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