Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence – Become A Star

No matter how small, we contribute to all the wonder that is

This is the Monkey Head Nebula located 6400 miles away from earth. Stars are born in it.

Every one wants to be a star and everyone can.

A Brute Fact: We cannot all be media stars, athletic greats, millionaires, or Nobel Prize winners.

“Just do it” sounds good, but doesn’t turn you into an athletic star if you have two left feet. You won’t become America’s Top Model if you don’t meet the advertising world’s idea of beauty. And you won’t become a millionaire unless you have lots and lots of luck.

So how can you star? By knowing what matters and as all the latest research shows what matters most in the game of life is practicing kindness. It benefits not just those you treat kindly, but you. Anger eats your heart; selfishness destroys relationships and positive relationships are key to emotional health. Make kindness your mission and star in your life.

With kindness as your mission, you can keep pursing every day goals, and win at life. For more about missions and goals, buy my e-Book Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals. Its cheaper than a cup of coffee and the good effects last longer.

Thank you and stay strong: Practice Kindness right now by liking, commenting, or sharing this post.



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