Stubborn or delusional?

“If you can dream it, you can have it.”  “Just do it.” “If I did anyone can.” Mostly delusional, as the song goes, “With a little bit of luck” you might succeed. If not:



Great expectations are often a set up for great disappointment.  I am fond of a saying found in the Microbe Hunters byPaul de Kruif: “Blessed are they who expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed.”

Of course, it was a message to scientists that their expectations biased their research; it spoke to my heart for I read it the shortly after my heart was broken for the first time.  I didn’t expect to love again, but I did, and yes my heart got broken several times, but the desire to love was not quenched by realistic expectations.

Then there was this poem by  Alice Walker:

Found on Facebook.

Emotional fitness thoughts and tip

Part of staying emotionally fit is holding on to the good and that includes hoping your dreams come true.  But it is equally true that you need to face reality.  So work toward your dream, but for the pleasure of the journey, knowing you might not reach the destination of your dreams.


Thinking about what matters is one of my Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises; the journey toward creating peace in your world and the broader world matters most and not how many gifts you buy or are bought for you or if you reach all your goals.

Practicing kindness is another emotional fitness exercise;  being grateful,  a third. These three lead to pleasant surprises, but also help when pain is the surprise.  Click here to go to the webpage that four such exercises. 

You  might  enjoy my Emotional Fitness Pinterest Boards. They are designed to keep you strong. Some are laughs, lots are posts of other people’s advice I find useful, both my blogs posts can be found there.

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This post inspired by a Word Press Daily Prompt: Never Surrender  Are you stubborn as a grass stain or as easy going as a light breeze on a warm day? Tell us about the ways in which you’re stubborn — which issues make you dig your heels in and refuse to budge?  As indicated, I hold to my dreams but lightly.  I do the work and hope for the best.



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