How to boss all feelings? Know what you really feel, know how to measure feelings, know what matters, think about whether to act, act wisely, or  let go.

EFTskill summary

All advice is easy to give,  hard to put into practice. Trading old habits for new ones is particularly hard. Some experts claim you need to do something thirty times before it starts to be a habit. Others say 10,000 hours of practice are needed to become an expert.

Scary news?  Only if you are seeking perfection and when it comes to managing your bossy feelings, good enough works. Moreover, Emotional Fitness Training provides quick and easy exercises that can practiced in a minute or less.  Our poster coaches remind you to practice.

Parenting tip

Use this summary to guide your efforts to teach you children how to stay emotionally fit. As previously suggested remember age and stage.  Self-soothing, naming feelings,  rating scales come first, and when temper tantrums start time to teach how to express feelings wisely.


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DAILY PROMPT  One at a Time  Today, write a post about the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words.

How this fits in with today’s EFTI Post:  Not possible for anything but a one sentence post. “Here are the skills you need to boss the feelings that want to boss you.” Failed. But good enough.

Thinking about what matters, I have noticed that many of the prompts pursue the trivial; moreover the corrections dumb down. Not sure that is helpful when it comes to making the world better.


All the handouts and poster coaches for this course are being posted at the store so you can download them for free.

Apologies if you cannot find one.  I am a Jill of all in this business, so some things take longer than others.  If something used here isn’t posted yet, you will find lots of other offerings including inspirational quotes or more EFTI exercises. In time all will be posted.

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