TOPIC 8:  DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO?  Neither do I. Well at least in planning a Daily Post Challenge.  First a  Crank, have to keep up my reputation: I am not to blame.  I may have an old brain, but it still functions reasonable well.   Here is my crank: Word Press has left all  Daily Post Challenge bloggers  hanging by our finger nails, a hair, our thumbs.

Friday, if my memory serves me correctly which it sometimes does and better than my Cranky Old Man’s.  Not that I am competitive, but watching Sex in The City  today, I am the one who remembered just Sarah Jessica Parker’s name.

Anyway onward.  Word Press announced one day last week that soon they would be unveiling their plans for continuing postaday 2011.  Suspect it may have something to do with an earlier post suggesting we pick our own topics.

Understood that Scott is probably very tired of coming up with topics and he missed 8 as he recently confesses.  I didn’t miss a day.  Liar, Liar.  Okay I missed two days due to computer problems and I didn’t always stick to their topics, but I often posted three or four times a day.  I am the Queen of Blogger Diarrhea.

Back on track.  The pick your own topic was  called the 365 challenge until a cranky person–not I, there are other Cranks in the world and many of not yet thirty–pointed out 2012 was a leap year.

Bloggers have reacted in various ways to the lack of direction.  Here is my unofficial assessment of what most did:

  1. Some stopped posting feeling they had done enough or that one couldn’t keep using a the date 2011.
  2. Some kept posting but started using both the  2012 tag
  3. Some used both tags.
  4. Some used 365 Challenge.
  5. Some used 366 Challenge
  6. Some used 365/6
  7. Some switched to postaweek.
  8. Some switched to the Weekly Picture Challenge.

Cranky Old Lady did this:  Posts under postaday 2011 and 2012. Have put 365/6 Challenge in my tags.  Am posting Daily Be With Beauty pictures and comments trying to follow the Weekly Photo Challenge Theme.  Semi-promised to continue trying to follow the daily topic list I sent up.  Semi-promised to try to learn to schedule posts so I could post on Saturday and Sundays.  Would try to have a Staying Strong Tip in most of my posts.

Also said, I was re-orienting my priorities and might some days just to a re-blog of someone else’s blogs on the day’s topic. I want to publish E-publish my novel on my mid March birthday.  Seems like a good goal, but I am now a month behind my shorter goals.  But I am addicted to blogging and right now I should be working on the clean up editing so I can send it to a copying editor come February.  Sigh.

I was simply going to pick my favorite blog of the week on Sundays and then got into explaining why. Anyone know if there is an  Imodium for bloggers?

Finally because most people seem to prefer Cranky Old Lady to Wise Old One, promised to try and post as Cranky instead of Wise

STAYING STRONG TIP: This tip was posted inThursday’s Powerleading Post.  I thought it worth re-posting.

When a goal is not met, the wrong goal was set.  This Cranky Old Lady  coined that phrase and try to follow it. It is, if I say so myself and I do, worth thinking about.  It is an important slogan  for parents, teachers, coaches, big bosses, and supervisors.

Equally important is figuring out why the goal can’t be met.  I can’t meet the goals I set because there is just not enough time to do it all.  Crank: don’t believe those who say you can have it all.  Real life takes a lot of luck to have it all particularly when the wrong goals have been set.  Quick list of things to think about if not you or another are not meeting goals:

  1.  Person cannot do what is asked.  You can’t ask a new born to read. Well, you can ask, but the answer will always be know.  As a parent you need to know age and stage expectations AND know those are just averages.  As a teacher or boss you need to know chronological age and level of thought.  Too much to go into in great detail, but half of the world are not critical thinkers.
  2. If you think everyone you meet is stupid, think again–it may mean they are average thinkers and you are a critical or abstract thinker.
  3. The person may be capable of the job asked, but does not have the required skill set.
  4. The person may not have the resources.  One of the resources Cranky Old Lady needed  to write was a good work processing program.  Until she found one, she ouldn’t hope to be a published author and she is.
  5. The person may have to deal with too many competing needs.  Family tops Cranky Old Lady’s priority list and eats up much time.  Even if the Grands aren’t here,  Cranky Old Man needs to be kept reasonably uncranked and that means minimally feeding him two or three times a day, helping him find lost keys, lost reading glasses, and lost cell phone.
  6.  Hidden agendas or  goals subvert your goals.  If you follow Nanny 911 she writes out the rules and everyone agrees.  Then what happens is a major challenge by the person more invested in power or getting their own way.  Bosses often have hidden agenda’s.  One boss I worked with had has his agenda surrounding himself with a group of  boss worshipping young ladies.  Guess what that did those that were older, fatter, not willing to flatter. That means, in case you hadn’t guessed Cranky Old Lady. By the way, her hidden or not so hidden  agenda is questioning rules, motives, and authority.
  7. Strong emotions including envy, jealousy, resentment, fear, anger may erode capacity to do what needs doing.

Instead of thinking stupid or incompetent or lazy or unmotivated, all useless labels, think “Hasn’t been taught, hasn’t understood, too stressed to understand, needs more support, has a different agenda.

My not so hidden agenda is to be liked by Facebook Friends and fellow bloggers–even when Cranky.  You can help with that my liking my posts or if you don’t like commenting and telling me what your don’t like.  I might agree.

Remember your liking, sharing, commenting uncranks me and that makes my husband happy, and is a good way to practice kindness which is one of my 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises.

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    • Some days we have no choice but to ride the tiger, well not quite true as we could always jump off and get eaten. We can usually choose to hear the music. Thank you for commenting. Have you read Wittenstein? Lois Shawver, my philosophy minded therapist is considered an expert on him. She says he tells you how to do what Cassier’s (spelling? too lazy to go back and check) suggests. I think you might enjoy some of her stuff. You can find her web page on by googling. Stay strong, I’m trying, and listen to the stars also.

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