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Rest and change build emotional health; so as usual on Fridays, I am asking you to plan some quiet-time, me-time, family-time,  friend-time and nature time.  I always also suggest a break from all our electronic gadgets.

Maybe, if Al Gore’s great invention was shut down across the world for the weekend, our glaciers might stand a chance.  Here’s today’s picture, followed by a despairing poem by Val Lewis, an internet friend and long time activist to save the planet for the human race.

IMAGE BY: What Sparks are made of blog

The poem

When I Die  
How will the world be then, when I die?
Will it still be host to small honey eaters who gather
On the bottlebrush and make a nest from string on my verandah?
Will that little creek that rises from a spring still flow
or will there be the sound of pumps that suck the land dry
to feed our putting greens and city verges?
Will our fields turn to concrete and our creatures have no comfort
While we watch electronic boxes and live invented lives?
What will happen to our world, when I die?
Will there still be human eyes to keep alive its promise or will
  we all have disappeared?
Is it best for our world that we leave it soon I wonder?
If this is so I am grateful for having lived within the privilege
Of innocence .
How can we squander this privilege, and yet we do,
For it is our deep shame what we have done, and when I die
I will hope to feed the earth in a better manner than
When I was alive and did not.
                                                                                    Val Lewis

Emotional Fitness Thoughts

I wonder as does my friend Val, if our world might flourish better with us gone.   Many days I feel in tune with George Carlin’s cryptic humor when he assured us the world would survive, plastic would become food for Mother Nature and human life would go the way of the dinosaurs.

Staying emotionally healthy, however, means doing what we can to practice kindness and gratitude.  To me that means taking care of our world so our children’s grandchildren and their children can enjoy all that we have been granted.

I believe with all me heart every person does the best they can given their lives; at the same time, I urge  every one of you to do more to keep Mother Nature, or any other higher power you believe in,  smiling on her human offspring.

Stay strong

Life is a struggle, full of pain and suffering, but also full of joy and goodness. the more we do our part to keep the goodness going, the more our world will prosper.   There are many paths to change, make certain you are on one of them. We can take better care of our world.

Liking, commenting, sharing are acts of social media kindness.  So if you found this post helpful, do any of the above.  I promise your kindness is always repaid.



Even the most learned researchers and therapists quarrel about much.  Take their advice and mine carefully.  Don’t just listen to your heart, but also think; don’t just think, listen to your heart.  Heart and head working together increase the odds you will find useful advice amid all the promises and hopes pushed at you be others.  As others have noted, take what seems useful, leave the rest.


If  you need perfect posts, you will not find them  here;  I will understand if you don’t follow, like or share.  To explain a bit,  all of my life dysgraphia – a learning disability – plays havoc with my efforts to write.

If  you hang in with me, thank you; you are kind.


    • Are you a poetess? I want to publish lots of Staying Strong or Thinking About What Matters Poems. I do reserve the right to pick the pictures and my thoughts. Unless of course you want to do it as a guest blogger. Thank you again for all your support. Where as your little friend gone?

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