I couldn’t think of anything more important for this Friday’s Take a Break then yesterday’s post. This Saturday, December 1, is the 25th World AIDS Day, many areas are holding events to fight this good fight.

World Aids day pictures


Include one in your take a break plans.  The easiest way, particularly for those somewhat unsure about homosexuality is to educate yourself about the common human needs of all.  I for one believe our sexual desires are variously determined in ways that for many cannot be changed or controlled.

A picture of two newly married gay men then poem by a friend who knew many cut down by this disease.


 Yes, I read the obits
public remembrances of private lives
I read to know who remain:
the adored
the esteemed
the beloved
and the loved
I read to know although posthumously that:
some were generous benefactors
committed supporters of the arts
dedicated philanthropists
accomplished composers
inspirational teachers
world travelers
talented illustrators
experts at arbitrage
competitive sportsmen and drag queens
I started reading obituaries twenty-five years ago
to humanize those above beloved
who were also the men of a certain persuasion
those who were dying of aids
As I read over the years these men
were also fathers brothers
uncles husbands life partners
and best friends
there was the only child and the eldest of seven
accountants and construction workers
several authors poets and movie stars
there were lovers – of solitude and of god
lovers of the sun the ocean  fine food and fine wine
there was a man’s man and a monsignor
I doubt they were the same
but I do wonder if they had ever met
perhaps in a club or in the confessional
All cherished lionized ever so sweet human beings
admired for their love of life
their sense of humor or fair play
each would be dearly missed
always remembered and never forgotten

Joan Diblasi


Excerpt from a speech given by Diana, Princess of Wales on “Women and Children with Aids”Edinburgh 8th September 1993

Some sections of the media would have us believe that the dark shadow of AIDS is fading away. The predicted explosion has failed to happen and retreated back to those who’ve so often been condemned or ignored.
Yet common sense and the testimonies of healthcare workers, worldwide, tell us a very different story. The truth is, that most people infected by HIV are heterosexual and the disease is spreading, throughout the world, at a staggering rate.

You can read the rest of the speech by clicking here.


So take a break this weekend, but not from caring, sharing, or kindness.

Be kind and like,  comment, or share. When you pursue kindness, you usually find happiness.

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For all you do to help me or another, thank you.

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