Day dreams are a form of mental rehearsal and as often noted,”If you dream it you can get it.”  Here’s how to day dream your way to success.


Thinking makes it so; both Buddha and Bruce Lee agree, for both say “As you think, so shall you become.”

So do must of the researchers which is why many therapist and business gurus suggest controlling negative thoughts.  Day dreams are a form of self-hypnosis. Hypnosis  is focused thinking.

Tip one:  Scared of hypnotism?  Wise.  Why some religions preach against it.   Salesmen are trained in the art of sneaky hypnotism and when you buy something and later wonder why,  sneaky hypnotism has been at work.See this post on focusing that also discusses  Sneaky Hypnotism.

Tip two: You cannot be forced to do something you do not want to do even by the most skilled hypnotist.   However, we all have darker sides, not so savory wishes and those can be used in sneaky hypnotism to get us going where we would not normally go.

Tip three: When you are hypnotized you enter a trance state.  We all trance out at different times. Some more often than others. 

Tip four: A trance is a focused state in which what goes on in our heads seems more real than reality.  Many people trance out when reading a book,  dancing to music, or watching a movie.  If you have  ever traveled on automatic pilot you have been trancing.  Meditate? Trancing. Praying? Trancing.

Tip five: Trance states are tools. As with all tools, they can be used for good or bad.  We are not afraid of hammers because they can be used to clobber someone.

Tip six: Think you cannot  be hypnotized? Could be. 10 to 20% of all populations cannot easily slip into a trance state. An equal number slip into such states easily.  The stage hypnotists and super sales men are experts at picking out those of us who are easily hypnotised.  One trick used by both: watching you eyes light up with interest at their suggestions.

Tip seven: Fear, uncertainty and doubt create trance readiness. Called FUD, these three sneaky hypnotic tools  are found in almost all ad campaigns.   Often used to create doubt about a competitor, the FUD is also used to get you to buy make-up, dye your hair, join a fitness club, buy a new car.

Tip eight:Confusion which creates a bit of fear also softens your resistance to trance.   Here’s what the Journal of Consumer Research notes about  how about how sales people are taught to confuse you: “…the sales person initially tries to confuse the potential customer, then restates the sales pitch in a more familiar way. By reframing the sales pitch in a more familiar way the consumers natural defenses are weakened and the consumer becomes more susceptible to the sales pitch. So, can you be confused into buying something? Yes. And it’s not even very difficult to do.”crowd contagion – meaning others laughing, cheering, or crying so you feel the need to join soften your resistance to trance.  

Tip nine: Crowd contagion is a big and very dangerous form of subtle hypnotism.   Think of how seeing someone laughs makes you want to laugh? think of the fans cheering at a sports event.  Think of the pictures of crowds protesting news reports.  Often a hundred protesters seem to respresent everyone.  Being part of the in group is a powerful incentive and well used by sneaky hypnotists.  Hitler was master of crowd contagion, but he also used fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Tip ten: Whenever the following words are cast your way, you are being asked to enter a trance state: Shut your eyes, dream, imagine, see yourself, visualize. 

You protect yourself from Sneaky Hypnotism by remembering the above facts. In any situation that might be trance inducing, repeat a protective mantra such as: “I stay with my good desires.”   ” I hold to my honor system.”  I stay strong.”


Tip one: Because parents are charged with persuading children to behave, parents use hypnotic tools.  Take comfort in the fact that persuading children to do what they do not really want to do is so hard. Proof we cannot be hypnotized so easily. Feel free to use many of the techniques suggested above, but  be aware you are using them.

Tip two: The most potent hypnotic tool parents use is what is called a hypnotic bind.  That means you are appearing to offer choice.  Parents have used these for generations: “Would you rather have your bath after dinner or before you put your pajamas on?”  “Do you want carrots or peas as your vegetable?” “Do you want to do your homework by yourself, or do you want me to stay in the room with you?”  “Do you want to walk the dog before or after dinner?” 

Tip three: Teach the facts about trance and hypnosis as your children grow.  When you teach self-soothing skills, label them as trances or going into your mind to feel better.  Use the media to teach the ways salesmen try to persuade us to buy things.


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