PRACTICING GRATITUDE  DO YOU BELIEVE THERE ARE JUST WARS?  IF SO,  HOW DO YOU DEFINE A JUST WAR? Once upon a time I was a pacifist, what I now call a radical pacifist.  I was young.  The Yom Kippur War changed my mind.  Too many people I cared about lived in Israel.

I have come to believe that just as there are no athiests in fox holes there are also no pacifists there either.   Radical pacifists would be running to embrace the enemy.  A radical pacifist does not believe in self defense or just wars.  The not radical pacisifists would be helping load guns.  No sane person wants war; but most know there are just wars.

My mentor in this is T.H. White’s Merlin in the book the Once and Future King.  (I don’t understand why that book is not on the 100 must read books.)  Here is a brief summary of what Merlin says to King Arthur on the subject of war.  He says:

Any man reasoning man who keeps  a steady mind can tell which side is the aggressor in ninety wars out of a hundred.  He can see which side is likely to benefit from going to war in the first place and that is a strong reason for suspicion….He can see which side made the first threat of force or was the first to arm itself, and finally, he can put his finger on the one to strike the first blow….

White wrote that in 1939  as Hitler was starting his thrust to conquer Europe.  He saw what was coming, but many didn’t.  In the United States Hitler wenough people admired Hitler so that  Studebaker named one of its car models The Dictator.  It took the attack on Pearl Harbor for the United States to join the war openly. before that event Jews were sent back to Germany, and any efforts to help defeat Hitler were very much under the table.

I believe we are at war, I believe it is a war conducted for many reasons, but only one of the combatants openly seeks to drive some into the sea,  lobs rockets, turns  suicide bombers into hero’s and believes it’s G-d wants all non-believers killed.

The soldiers I know don’t want war, but they do stand between those of us and these enemies.  I am grateful for their presence.  Every time I see a soldier in uniform, I thank him or her with a very grateful heart.  I hope you do the same whether you believe in just wars or no wars.

The picture is of the gravestone  of two of my ancesters.  One, the father,  fought in the Civil War; the son fought in the Spanish American War.  One just war, one unjust war.  I suspect those reading this know which I thought was a just war.

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    • I so agree and still don’t know what else one can do when another is warring against you. Are you warring or surviving? Warring or keeping your children alive? As foster parent I twice had children bent on killing me or mine. I didn’t have to kill them back, but I had to stand pretty strong . We were lucky with the most determined that our dog warned me and scared the young man off. That dog had a phenomenal sense of who was aggressing and always could apply just the right amount of aggression in return. When I went to the door to let this youngster in, the dog was right in front of me, ears back, growling menacingly…something he had never done before at the door. I was able to shut the door on the young man, the police came quickly and he turned his attack on them. He had three knives and one of the police officers was injured. The boy returned three times to kill us before he killed himself in an automobile accident in a car he had stolen. So for me it is always a condundrum. What had we done, housed his girl friend by the court’s order. She had broken up with him. He decided we had caused her to turn against him. She was sent to live with us after the breakup.

      Of course, he was demented by my definition–cruel to others. He beat his girl friend regularly, and had killed another boy for flirting with her. He was only fourteen and was in a juvenile jail, but escaped often would head right to our house until he finally killed himself.

      Thank you for commenting.

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