TOPIC 79  UNUSUAL    An adult post.  This is not about McDonald’s.  It is about masturbation.  Read no further if you are already squirming.  I am not adding a lot to these three articles. As one notes, President Clinton fired his Surgeon General Jocelyn Elder for saying masturbation “is something that is part of human sexuality and its part of something that perhaps should be taught.  That was in 1994.  We have not progressed on this subject for centuries.

My book When Good Kids Do Bad Things was banned by some groups because I suggest mutual masturbation might delay a teen’s rush to intercourse.  A belief I still hold.  One of my more honest and treasured Christian friends agreed with me. saying “Isn’t that what we did when petting in Lover’s Lane.

I was happy to see this review of the book A History of Masturbation in a fairly prestigious publication.

A Taboo That Doesn’t Take 2 – PageView – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Thought this shorter history would be of interest to some.  My

Finally, here is an about how much is too much.

STAYING STRONG TIP  If you believe with all your heart masturbating is wrong and are not tortured by the idea that even wanting to masturbate is wrong, no problem.  If tortured seek professional help.

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  1. An interesting perspective. I never thought of it like that before.

    People have such strange views on teen sex. One complaint about the Twilight series was that it said it was okay to be a virgin when you married, like that was unnatural.

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