Rainbows have given hope since before the time of Noah

TOPIC  34 HOPE AND THINKING ABOUT WHAT MATTERS  Perhaps it is because I am on the Downhill Slope that the world seems more scary than when I was a child.  This from one who has lived through many wars.  My life began shortly before WWII.  An Age of Hope followed.  Still I remember hiding under my desk, knowing full well if someone sent an A-bomb down on our school, we’d all be toast.  But I hope most when I recall there was a time when the victors managed to treat  enemies so that they became friends.

Think of what we how we defeated Japan with our Enola Gay bombs and how they and we prospered because when the war ended, our victorious country did not seek revenge, but peace.  Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenower led us through the darkness to the light.  Stays in my heart as a rainbow of hope: One from the upper crust who was not faithful to his wife, another a hard-headed middle-class mid-western who said the “Buck stopped with him” but also made no bones about using his office to promote his daughter, and the final one someone well acquainted with the horrors of war faithful to his wife but not completely.

Now too much of what  I hear and read is hatred and divisiveness.  Breaks my heart I fault us all.  Some of us for spreading mis-information.  Many of us for believing mis-information.  Far too many engaging in what needs to left up to the Force, G-d, the Gods and Goddesses to worry about–which of us below has grasped the whole elephant and not just his tail, or ears  or legs.  The only God I will worship weeps when we kill in his or her or its name.

My solution?  Call for an ecumenical re-editing of the sacred texts with a commitment to get rid of all calls to kill the other believer or the heretic or the non-believer.  Where there is a deity above us and another below revising our sacred texts might just bring peace on earth. Articles like this are steps in the right direction.

Aryeh Spero: What the Bible Teaches About Capitalism –  A quote: The Bible is not a business-school manual. While it is comfortable with wealth creation and the need for speculation in economic markets, it has nothing to say about financial instruments and models such as private equity, hedge funds or other forms of monetary capitalization. What it does demand is honesty, fair weights and measures, respect for a borrower’s collateral, timely payments of wages, resisting usury, and empathy for those injured by life’s misfortunes and charity.

Of course my bias shows. Feel free to propose another way toward peace.  We need as many paths as possible.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Oppose killing in the name of God.

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