Some never have to surrender because they never fight. They see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Breathe in. Hold. Think About What Matters. Breathe out.  Smile and say “Ahhhhh” or thank you.

TOPIC  38  READY  We all want peace. Right?  Some want peace only with victory.  Those war easily. Most don’t even want to think about war and there lies danger.  Not facing evil means being open to another’s domination.

ABOUT THE PICTURE  Cranky Old Lady rants a lot about the fact that not all people want peace and too often those that want peace with all their hearts are not willing to fight for it.  Most give up before becoming battered and bruised as the creature surrendering in the picture.  Their giving up lies in refusing to see, hear, or label evil.

This article prompted my Daily Post Challenge Theme for the day.

Deliver Us: thoughts on evil and psychotherapy | what a shrink thinks.  Written for therapists, who are specifically trained to understand all and speak evil of none.  I know, that is how I was trained when a Sweet Young Therapist.  The article has words of wisdom for us all.   I am posting quotes from the article, hoping to entice you to read the whole thing,  It  is longer than the 600 words.

The blogging gurus say 600 words posts are best. Cranky Old Lady says “Bull Sugarhoneyicetea.”  Maybe, that holds for the very young, who can’t think or read deeply.  However, I have more faith in the young than the blogging gurus.  Anyone with any smarts knows TRUTH  cannot be found in six hundred words.  Sorry, but that is the truth about truth and no saying otherwise changes that particular brute fact.

Anyway, I’ve read the article and here are the quotes I most want people to read and think about:

Love is a lovely and powerful thing, but it’s easy, pleasant for most of us to think about. Evil we push from our minds, ignore, repress, avoid, minimize, deny and rationalize. We see it as unfathomable, inhuman, repugnant. We don’t want to understand it at all. We don’t even want to be able to understand it.


Sociopathic evil manifests most often with no crime committed at all. It emerges when the capacity for Love or as G-C would say, Eros, the capacity for empathic imagination, the ability to put ourselves in another’s shoes and compassionately inhabit how they might be feeling, has failed temporarily, failed to develop sufficiently, or failed to develop at all.


Yet, all-essential Love is a still a feeling state, and it is therefore fickle and inconsistent. It is a cat that may or may not come when it is called.


We all fall into sociopathic states when we choose to blindly follow an internal mandate to fill our own hunger, to vent our rage, to have our way, to protect our territory or our young, to assert our power without negotiating with those around us. When we reduce those around us to mere tools or obstacles to our instinctual fulfillment, when others are a means to an end rather than ends in themselves – the sociopathic archetype, the seed of Evil, lives in us.


We need to at least attempt to assess the differences and variations in failures of moral reasoning. When we cannot make those distinctions we will, unwittingly, aid and abet destructive forces.


We must recognize the amoral archetype when it emerges – believe in its existence so that we can distinguish it from illness, accident, error, or a gesture borne of temporary collapse, lashing out in panic or in pain.


We need to be able to look squarely at it in ourselves, in our clients, in our community and our institutions. To identify it and address it, not excuse it.


STAYING STRONG TIP: Cranky Old Lady is always saying be kind, be kind, be kind.  She also says be grateful, be grateful, be grateful.  She never says be blind or foolish.  Specifically, she advises  thinking about who will profit and how when trying to figure out what is true and what is not.  As she cranks:  “Follow the money and follow the power before you follow your heart or your cherished beliefs.”

Emotional fitness is about thinking before acting.  When you Feel, Act, and then Think,  you do FAT head stuff and wish you thought more before acting.

Reason needs to dictate how one acts on all emotions.  The pursuit of truth must precede the pursuit for happiness.

AND yes my post modern friends, (Cranky Old Lady loves you all) evil is and evil can be defined and must be countered.  You can love all, find truth in all beliefs, but must also stand against evil doing if not evil doers; to do that you must pursue a truth beyond the beliefs that most warm your heart.

FUEL MY HOPES:  Be kind to  me,  get kindness badges for you, and help others get and stay strong.  Kindness is an Emotional Fitness Exercise.  Click here for all 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.



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