TOPIC 46  Subject for the week: Regrets.  Death will come and generally before you want.  Get ready and you will have fewer regrets.  This article is one of the best, I’ve read about how to  get ready for the grim reaper.   It isn’t long, so read it.

How to get ready for death.

What did you think mattered most in all you read?  Didn’t read it yet, well shame on you.  Here is the last and probably the most important point the article made:

Say the most important things to the most important people in your life.  In his book, The Four Things That Matter Most, palliative care physician Ira Byock writes of how he learned from dying patients that the most important things to say to our loved ones before it’s too late are:

    • Please forgive me.
    • I forgive you.
    • Thank you.
    • I love you.

These matter most every day and most of us find them hard to say.  Keep trying.

STAYING STRONG TIP  Read the article.  Do what it says. 

FUEL MY HOPES:  Be kind to  me,  get kindness badges for you, and help others get and stay strong.  Kindness is an Emotional Fitness Exercise.  Click here for all 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.


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