Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber ? Who irritates you more?  Have no knowledge of Jason,  other than that he is a singer.  My opinion of Gaga is that she represents the sad need to shock to attain fame.  As I am partly deaf, music no long  charms.

Do you think such questions are important and worth spending time on?  I don’t unless it would be to embark upon trying to figure out what brings a society and people to the point of both needing such entertainment and then comparing irritations or infatuations.  TI think there are many other more important things to think about.   That probably makes me a grumpy old woman, but at least such entertainments are better than feeding slaves to lions or having gladiators kill each other for the pleasure of the masses.

Much prefer the bonus question which notes that it is Mother’s Day and suggests doing something nice for someone’s mother.  The ongoing present of my children has been their making me a grandmother and allowing me to be part of their lives as parents.  Nurturing the next generation seems me to be far more important than being irritated by one celebrity or another.  But them some think I am a grumpy old woman.

Share, care about what matters, and stay strong.

Imagel V

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