Quotes and thoughts about migrating and today's fears about immigrants.

When like the birds you can come and go to your home or homes, know that many do not have a choice. Count your blessings.

And yes, some trying to reach a new home are criminals or terrorists. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could easily sort the good from the bad? But as the Shadow repeated so often during my childhood “Only the Shadow knows what evil lurks in the heart of man.

What to do? Two tips.

Tip one: Be caring, but cautious. Not easy. Some say judge people only on their behavior. Useful, but behavior is driven by beliefs, personal experiences, and past behavior. You need to know all three before you have a glimpse of the person’s shadows.

Tip two: Be aware of your prejudices. We all have them and being blind to them fuels their existence. You need to know your beliefs, how your personal experiences shaped them and how your current behavior strengthens both functional and dysfunctional beliefs.

Tip three: Seek balance which means  moderation of belief and action. The more strongly you believe or feel something, the more likely you are unbalanced and distorting reality. The more strongly another believes or feels something, the more s/he distorts reality.  Strong feelings are a signal to step back and think more.


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