The Great Pull of Avoidance (via The Habituated Buddhist)

Monkey mind, as it is called by some, has its value. In those with ADHD,monkey mind also comes with a partner–obsession perfection-addiction, but another mind set with decided value. Balancing on the sword edge of these two states takes nimbleness and nimbleness can be learned.

Two Staying Strong Tips that have served me well: Observing a Shabbat–a day away from all work, all electronically connected busyness, and all spending money. The second is a smaller but very useful tip. Setting a timer for half hour or hour intervals. Can’t leave a task until the timer rings; must take a quick break when it does.

Good luck on that biggest job. Hope it is designed to bring peace on earth. Stay strong.

Tomorrow morning I begin what is, in my chosen profession, one of the biggest "jobs" that we can face.  It will likely last three to four days, and consume every moment from 8:30 am until at least 5:00 p.m.  My nights are also likely to be focused on preparing for the following day.  It will be physically, emotionally, and intellectually challenging,  This is a very important "job." As such, as usual, my mind is running away from it.  Fleeing fro … Read More

via The Habituated Buddhist

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