Can a theocracy be a democracy? Difficult. perhaps not impossible but total freedom of expression must reign or it cannot.

TOPIC 76  CONTRAST   I read recently the reality series All American Muslim has been cancelled.  Reportedly because of low ratings, but it was also much protested by those who felt it was anti-Islam.  Do not like any incursions on freedom of expression, so let the protests be and I wish the show had gone on, I was beginning to get curious.

The main  problem for and it is a Christian as well as an Islamic problem remains the theology of believe my way or die.  It is said must Muslims  and Christians living in the Western World, do not agree.  I wish their voices were louder. End of political rant.

I read, somewhere else and cannot find it,  that a show was planned about Muslims living the high life.  Similar to the Kardashion or all the Wives of here and there shows. The complaint for this show was about the spending habits by the children of those who fled Iran when the Shah fell.  Conspicuous consumption does get me cranking, but I crank down remembering the money spent by the rich employs others. Still  in my heart I wish more would opt for a life well lived rather then the high life.  Here is a re-blog about one who did. Thank you Taken on Trust.

Taken on Trust | I choose how I will spend the rest of my life.

STAYING STRONG TIP  Having enough is essential.  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let me repeat once again their proverb, “Enough is a feast.” If you are reading this you are feasting. Be grateful.  Care and share more.  Money and the high life are empty values.  When the call comes from the grim reaper, remember: the Terry Waites of the world go with more peace in their hearts than the high rollers

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IMAGE Found in the Chicago Tribune. ‎I added the caption.

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