The Many Layers of Truth

layers of truth

Truth is a many layered thing. What to do?

Emotional Fitness Tips

Tip one: Doubt what you most passionately believe in. Embrace the idea that passion twists the truth.

Tip two: Doubt the passionate beliefs of others. Again, passion twist truth.

Tip three: Doubt and at the same time look for the truths that partner with passion.

Tip four: Strive to improve your ability to think critically.  Critical thinking is a skill and can be improved. A quick and easy way to improve this skill is to watch TV ads with skepticism. How do they entice you to buy or watch? How do they try to speak to your passions?

Tip five: Speak the truth as you know it, but qualify your truths  as  beliefs or opinions.  It is better to speak the truth as you know it than to deceive others by false fronts or politically correctness.

True friends, worthy acquaintances are honest and can share what they see about you even when it makes you uncomfortable.

Tip six: Remember what matters: Do your best to make the world a better place for all. Fighting over beliefs, faith, and opinions promotes division and divisiveness is not the way to peace on earth. At the same time being silent in the face of obvious evil promotes evil.

How to judge something as evil? The sages and researchers agree: Do not do to others what you do not want done to you; treat others as you want to be treated.

Thank You for All You Do

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This post was inspired by the Word Press  Daily Post Prompt “Layers”

I use the Daily Prompts not just to spark my blog ideas, but to improve my critical thinking skills.

Not sure  how to use a Daily Post Prompt as a writer?  Here are the steps to get started. Then improve your thinking skills by seeing where the prompt has  taken others and how other thoughts fuel  your thoughts. Whether you write or not your thinking skills are improved by reading other people’s thoughts.



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