The Ordering And Differentiating Of Particulars

WOW just discovered the Reblog button and will therefor use it to honor the blogger I first met because he was biking up the Atlantic Coast, I have become a devoted fan. Not only does he post great pictures, he has studied more philosopy than many of my friends with all those letters after their names. His current posts were written in the 80 as he was hiking the North West. with a diverse group of friends.


  1. Thanks so much for your confidence in me. I’m honored. Just to let you know, though, my “philosophy speak” is probably more focused than philosopher’s with letters after their names (an advantage of the self-taught), thus it only appears as if I have studied a great deal of philosophy when in reality I have merely followed my muse. In a word, my philosophy is my religion. You are too kind, but your kindness does not go unappreciated. Thanks again.

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