The Seven Letter “F” Word

Not the dirty “F” word but the one many find hard to put into practice.  The word? Forgive. Some forgive others, some forgive themselves, few easily do both.

An EFT Forgiveness Exercise

As the Emotional Fitness Training Poster Coach suggests starting small works best.  The above exercises is  half of a Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercise.  The second half asks you to also forgive yourself. More about that another time.

For Jews the days between Rosh Hashanah  and Yom Kippur are devoted to forgiveness.  Toward that end, we are to forgive others and ask others to forgive us.  I know I get preachy and might offend some, I am also certain there are other ways I offend. I ask your forgiveness.

emotional fitness tHOUGHTS AND TIPS

Remember what matters most is The Mission and that means trying to make your part of the world a bit kinder for all you meet.  Practicing forgiveness is essential in being able to practice kindness.


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