The Storm is You

Quote about the anger as the starting in you

Tornado shelters will not protect you from the storms that arise in you. What to do?

Emotional Fitness Training Tips

Tip one: Understand the reason why. Under threat we fight or flee. Part of every human beings primitive survival inheritance. Not the best response by any means.

Anger is the fight part.  Anger always starts in pain or fear of pain. Fear of pain can be as mild as uncertainty about something, and mostly that uncertainty is about yourself and where you stand in relationship to the other person.

Tip two: No matter what starts the storm, you control one thing: how you respond. To respond properly you need strong self-soothing skills.  Start with learning to meditate in a minute, it makes a difference.

Meditating the quick way: The One Minute Meditation.

Tip three: Respond by doing the opposite of what anger suggests. All the researchers know that when it comes to feelings that create storms, those feeling push you to act quickly and without thinking. Doing the opposite often stops the negative feeling in its track and also provides time to think about better ways to act.

Anger wants you to get nasty. The opposite of nasty is nice. Nice translates into to good manners and kindness.

Tip four: Do not get drawn into a Gotcha War. 

How to win a Gotcha War with a teen

My Parenting book How To Win A Gotcha War is available at Amazon as an eBook or Paperback. As most Gotcha Wars are started by adults who behave like children, it is a useful book for anyone living or working with a Gotcha Warrior.

Tip five: Remember what matters: Stay safe, accept what is, forgive your flaws, forgive other people’s flaw, practice kindness and be grateful.

Thank You for All You Do

Thank me by remembering to share  is to care; if you liked this post, share it. Liking, or commenting is practicing kindness and kindness keeps me going


This post was inspired by the Word Press  Daily Post Prompt  Storm

I use the Daily Prompts not just to spark my blog ideas, but to improve my critical thinking skills.

Not sure  how to use a Daily Post Prompt as a writer?  Here are the steps to get started. Then improve your thinking skills by seeing where the prompt has  taken others and how other thoughts fuel  your thoughts. Whether you write or not your thinking skills are improved by reading other people’s thoughts.



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