Smells take us back in time and hopefully to good memories. Good memories build Emotionalintelligence.  Here is a picture that takes me to a sweet smell  memory.

Do you recognize the picture? Honeysuckle. Is that a smell that serves to take you back to some good memories? Works for me as a bit of aroma therapy.

Some have made a profitable business of what is sold as aroma therapy.  What they sell works.  Our sense of smell is part of genetic survival tool kit.  Pleasant smells associated with pleasant events calm and signal all is well.  Disgusting smells, and most agree as to the most common ones, signal stay away.

When I was a child, my mother often drove down some wooded lanes to get to a little known mountain stream to fill water bottles.  The trip there and back was filled with the smell of honeysuckle.  A smell that still calms and soothes me.


Stay aware of the smells that calm you and add their presence to you life. Easily done today. Even the Dollar Store sells lotions, body creams, candles that bring sweet smells to you.  I like lavender, coconut and, of course, honeysuckle. However, I suggest sticking with one smell most of the time.


When young and beset with night fears, my youngest son asked to have his room sprayed with “Bug Spray.”   We thought he meant the Off, but he quickly showed us corrected us: he meant my perfume.  When he could smell my perfume it was as soothing as if I was in the room.  For a newborn,  create such an association by always using the same aroma on your person and in your child’s room.  For older children teach the power of smells to self-sooth


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This post was inspired by this Word Press Daily Prompt: Seasonal Scents – S’mores, salty ocean breezes, veggie burgers on the grill, sweaty people on the bus — what’s the smell you associate the most with summer?



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