The thrifter strikes again! (via Eccentric Owl)

As a WOO (Wise Old One) I have had to learn to shop wiser as my incrome decreases. Love thrift shops and particularly those in my new home state of Colorado. There is at least one in every town around here. Want to encourage the younger set to recycle by donating to thrift shops and if on a limited income shopping there.

It is my personal WOO belief that those with money to spare should never buy on sale or at thrift shops as their money keeps luxury businesses alive and well. Sadly, some of my wealthier frineds are better at thrift shopping than I am.

Thank you Wise Owl for this post. You are too young to by a WOO, but you are definately wise.

The thrifter strikes again! Since I won't be able to do an outfit picture today (dead camera. Also, busy life), and I went thrift shopping again, I will instead give you a sneak peek at the things I bought. And ahead of time, I apologize for the quality of the pictures/the dressing-room shots. My camera's batteries died, thus… they're all phone-camera pictures. First, the six blouses (all button-up) in their various patterns: Second, two skirts: This one, I will be hemmin … Read More

via Eccentric Owl

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