The Torture of Health Care (via Nursetopia)

FROM THE DOWNHILL SLOPE The more you know about pain and how to best control it, the better your quality of life. Way back when I worked as a member of a Radiation Team, the patients were lucky; their treating radiologist didn’t fear addicting them in an effort to help control their pain. This was in the 1960’s and many physicians did not agree. Fortunately, things have changed in 4o years since. Now the specialty of pain management helps many;; becoming an educated consumer remains an essential part of the process, use these videos for your sake and the sake of all those you love.

Care, share and stay strong.

Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. ~Unknown   This video is one of 50 in an excellent series – Life Before Death. Use the free videos. Use them to educate other healthcare professionals about pain and palliative care. Use them to change your own practice. Use them to improve the lives of the people you care for. Use them to change the world. … Read More

via Nursetopia


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