The Tree of Life: A Courtesy Warning (via Twist365)

Having read Roger Ebert’s glowing report . Apologies for the long link. But here it is:

I was thinking of suggesting to my husband we go, something we don’t often do as I don’t hear well and we are on a limited and diminishing income. You have convinced me to wait, it will hit Netflex in time and then I can shut it off, if not interested which I suspect from your review I will do.

The Tree of Life: A Courtesy Warning I have to admit: the only reason I walked into the movie theater last night to see The Tree of Life is because the preview was beautiful. It didn't tell me anything whatsoever, but it was beautiful.  I gathered something or other about the American Dream, something or other about Brad Pitt playing an abusive father, and Sean Penn wandering outside of it all.  That's about all I got. I suppose I take it for granted that if a preview is gorgeous an … Read More

via Twist365

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