Now that I have become a Pinterest addict, I was searching some files and came across this blue jelly fish.  Blue because he had died? Don’t know.  But he lived on for a while in my camera and now again here.  Wishing and hoping and praying that he or she knows s/he added to the beauty of the world.  We all do and we all need to remember to practice kindness, be grateful, remember what matters, and work at forgiving all–ourselves included.

STAYING STRONG TIP   Just said it.

PRACTICE KINDNESS  Share and care. Like and comment. Accept my gratitude for doing so and my forgiveness if you don’t.

By the way, I don’t think any of my posts are reaching Word Presses Daily Post Challenge 2012 or the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Hoping to see this one.  It will reduce my paranoia.  If it doesn’ I at least it will show on Pinterest. And sooner or later I will figure out what I am doing wrong.

IMAGE BY ME  Fort Lauderdale’s Dog Beach. Florida

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