The WWWWH Way To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence.

Image of attention grabbing headlines

       Headlines seek readers. and so things are sensationalized. 

As with headlines, your mind is primed to sensationalize. Why Emotional Intelligence gurus urge slowing down and thinking instead of rushing to act.

The brain sees strong emotions as a sign something needs correcting and immediately. The brain is thinking danger, but most of the time the danger is not real.

Slowing down to think critically is easier said then done, This might help. Pause to think the way journalists of the past were taught to introduce their stories. How was that? By noting the facts with this formula. Who, What, Where, Why and How.

Who did What;  Where; Why was it done; and How it was done. Here a way I used this recently:

A stranger dissed me on Facebook because I disagreed with him. He called me dumb and ignorant meaning the How was nasty.  Not sure why, probably a power play. Because he was a stranger and the dissing was on Facebook it gave me a laugh and confirmed my opinion of him as someone to avoid.

Had it been done by a co-worker at an important meeting with some higher ups it would not have been funny, but still a clue to think harder about the who, what, and why before responding.  My options might be ignoring; raising my eyebrows and giving a “Whats up with you look at the person;or  asking “Could you elaborate a bit more about what you think I am missing?”

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