This article is a  response to concern about the mental health problems facing college students.   Graduating to adulthood, no matter whether it is graduating from high school, college or graduate school or  getting that first job, is harder than many realize.  “The Don’t Worry, Just Be Happy and Visualize Your Dreams”  gurus  are not helpful when it comes to preparing  for the reality of life’s struggles.

One wise father, wish I remembered his name, but that was a good 20 years ago.  He prepared his kids for the reality of life by making them earn their way once they entered junior high.  He gave them complete freedom, but rules to live by if they wished to stay home, made them earn a limited allowance by completing home chores, paid their doctor and insurance bills, had good meals at home, and made them earn everything else by working  either at home or in the real world for more money.   He was introducing them to reality while being there to sympathize but not bail out.  He wrote a book that was as widely unsuccessful  as my When Good Kids Do Bad Things  or  Parents Are People Too.   I was grateful to him for he helped make me less of a push over and my kids know the value of a dollar, have great work ethics, and an appreciation of life as a struggle not all succeed at without help.

Here is another article discussing the perils of the Happiness Gurus referred to above.  It is by Barbara Ehrenreich giving a TED talk but is presented as an animated mind map by RSAnimate.  Love their work.  Her article deals with the problems unemployed adults who cannot easily get another job face when told it is just a matter of attitude. ” Smile, be positive and all will be well.”  Not a new idea by any means, just remember the song “Let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy, rainy day.”  Nice song but if it is raining and all you have is a smile, you are going to get wet.

The United States welfare ethic is based  on the idea that opportunity is  there for all to take advantage of.  Our draconian welfare and health coverage laws still think the major problem is people not doing all they can do.  Poverty is seen as a moral choice.  Romney recently suggested privatizing unemployment benefits and forcing people to buy insurance to protect them if they lost their job. I laughed and thought how out of touch he was with  what it meant to be poor.  For the poor  buying food and paying rent is the first priority,  insurance is the luxury of the rich and just another business.

Therapists and our politicians need to understand that while much is in any one’s  power to control,  a great deal  is not.  Just because some make it up from poverty to self sufficiency does not mean all can.   Oprah often says the opposite, but she had mega brains and was the right person at just the right time and those are not in everyone’s power to control.  Chance controls much and that means your genes,  how well off your parents were or are, who is there to help you  when life blows  strike, where you live, what education is available to you,  and what historical era most shapes you.  Ehrenriech calls on all to face reality and share power in order to care for all.  I agree.

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